Why instigate?

I’m an instigator. At first glance, it’s not the friendliest title ever. It may conjure up repressed memories of being sat on and flicked in the forehead by a chubby nine-year-old or hearing the incessant bellowing of “I know you are, but what am I?!”. But it sounds pretty damn sexy, right?

When I asked myself the question “Why are you in advertising?”, I came to the conclusion that what I want to do is incite change. The positive brand elevating variety of change, not the grudge inducing affliction towards chubby people…um…variety. Thank you for spending a couple of minutes to look at my work. I look forward to the opportunity to instigate together.

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Dexter is a drama that airs on Showtime that is based on the life of a cop (Dexter Morgan) who is also a serial killer. Dexter only kills other serial killers. Human Hunting Season utilizes digital media in public and private spaces to make the viewer feel like they are being hunted by Dexter. It gives the viewer a realistic flavor for what the show is like.

Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association

The tag line for our PRCA print campaign,”65 Years of Cowmen” promptly makes the point that this is not a sport for boys. Never has been, never will be. Jockeys ride the wind while Bull and Bronco Riders get tossed like a rag doll by a pissed off hurricane from Hell. These are Cow Men, not Cow Boys.

The ads utilize design elements that were prominent in old Lone Ranger comic book art and ads having anything to do with Cowboys or western wear. They are used to pay homage to the Association’s heritage and long history. The air of naiveté in the young Cowboy’s comments is a juxtaposition of what is going on in the main visual.


This poster campaign positions HSBC’s New Year’s Day sale on its services as a way to start the new year with
a clean slate by being fiscally responsible. The executions resemble a supersized page-per-day calendar.


“Doritological” associates people’s personal investment in astrology and their specific astrological sign with Doritos and its many individual flavors and their unique flavor profiles. A Scorpio is usually determined, emotional, and compulsive; and by the same token, a Sizzlin’ Picante might have been the one who replaced their camp counselor’s hair conditioner with Nair. To every personality their astrological sign and every Doritological sign, their own special person.

Pigma Micron Illustration Pens

“Be Realistic” gently jabs and jests at the vague depiction of very detailed living beings that are used in widely recognized iconography. It simply points out that this illustration pen allows the illustrator to more accurately and/or realistically depict the object for what it really is in their rendering.

Lunds Grocery Store


“Treats For People” compares the similar behavior pets exhibit when it’s treat time to how humans act when they are treating themselves to Whoppers. Once that box is open, the stomach runs the show. Essentially, your inner animal controls your craving for this candy. This comparison works particularly well for Whoppers because the shape and sound they make when bitten into closely resemble a pet treat.